How To Be Successful In Life


How to be successful in life ? Drum roll.... Is to reprogram your mind that you are ALREADY successful! How can that be ? Because God the creator said so ... Do you want to know more ? Read on ..Know the a truth and stop believing the lie ...  If you think you will never be a success then you never will read on . 

Father God Loves ❤️You Unconditionally not based on your actions but because of the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Not because of your obedience but on the Perfect Obedience of Jesus .

People think breaking the Ten commandments (Sin) is only if you murder , commit adultery, steal etc... before you stop reading please read on till the end , it is not what it seems .

But...  there is much more to it than that ...

if you lie even a white lie is a sin , 

if you think of a woman or man in a lustful way is a sin , 

if you over indulge yourself in anything it is sin ,

if you don’t love your neighbor as yourself it is a sin , 

if you get angry and disrespect anyone if they cut u off in traffic it is a sin .

-If you put any other “god “( money, fame,food,man,woman,children ) before Him at any time it is a sin 

 Are you getting the point ? 

The only Man that could do that was Jesus !! He did it on our behalf ! 

Can you or I fulfill the law perfectly everyday? No ..  no one can . God’s Standard is High isn’t it ? 

God’s purpose for the Law is not to condemn you or I but to show us that we NEED A Saviour which is Jesus ! Cause you can’t do it on your own. 

He was sacrificed on the Cross to wash away our sins and make us Perfect, Complete . What may confuse many is that they may not SEE any change in the physical... So let me clear up any confusion , the change took place in Your Spirit !!! 

As a result I f this God sees you as the very Image of Christ... Perfect , Successful, Victorious ,Holy  Blameless . God Loves ❤️❤️  You Unconditionally and has blessed us and continue to bless us Unconditionally.

Because of Jesus Sacrifice Your Spirit man is Sinless and Perfect even if our actions may not be so perfect. 

Now is this a license to sin ? No , it is way to be able to come Boldly before Father God ‘s Presence without Shame or Guilt and enjoy a loving 🥰 relationship with Him knowing you are fully accepted , loved and perfect through Christ expecting blessings and the goodness of God in your life and family . 

And as you do so and renew your mind with these Truths God Himself is doing the work in You to transform you into the Image of Christ even if you fail and stumble along the way . 

The Bible says if you break just 1  commandment  you are Guilty of them ALL ! 

It also says in the Bible that than we break any commandment even in thought you are Guilty just the same ! 

Now can you keep up with that ? 

Jesus did not come to get rid of the Ten Commandments, He came to fulfill it Perfectly on our behalf! ! ! 

So if you accept Jesus as your Lord and savior , you will transformed into the perfect , sinless, successful, healthy , wealthy , peaceful joyful man .

If you have not welcomed Jesus in your heart . Just ask him now , He has been waiting for you all this time . 

Prayer : Jesus I asked you to come into my life and make me be new man/woman , I receive your free gift of salvation , thank you for washing away all my sins , making me be a new man /woman in you. Thank you for being my Lord , Savior and New Identity . Amen 

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